Alpine Hiking

Atractive apline hiking tours

Alpine hiking is becoming a popular activity. Hiking which bounders with mountain climbing. Mountaneers who want to experience the white peeks without extreme climbing. Many of our clients have fulfilled their wishes and climbed higher tops with us and moved their boundaries.

It's a dance with nature and your own limitations"
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Field trips for every nature fan!

Mountaineering is response to the rapid lifestyle of todays man. Moving through the mountains has a meditative effect. We have chosen the moderate climbing tops which will show you the beauty of nature and fill your batteries
I walk, therefore I am.
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Mountain biking

Moving through the hills and forests

Mountain biking - MTB, is an activity which is gathering people who love moving through nature.
The technology andvancement and adaptation has given us the possibility to move throught nature. There is also an adrenaline factor for everyone who wants a faster ride. We can see bycicles anywhere in the hills these days.
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Atractive trekking tours

Recognizing the wishes of our customers we have organized some of the most atractive trekking tours there are. We have a couple of tours to Nepal and have other countries in plan also!
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Training in nature

For general strength

This training program is a combination of interval running and strength training for all muscle groups
Every trainging session starts with dynamic streches and warmup. Every session is different than the one before so you never know whats coming. The excercises are sometimes harder and sometimes easy. Head coach comunicates with the group focusing their attention to the senzations in their body. With his example he sets the tempo.
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Team building

Increase the efectivity of your team by visiting the mountains

Mountain Fit on request organizes team building trips and climbs. If you are interested to take your team to the mountains and actively spend time in nature feel free to contact us!
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Nutritional advices

Expert approach to nutrition

With most of the easier diseases the main method for healing is based on nutrition and changing your diet. Correct diet will give us the nutritients which we are mmissing and they balance out condition and encourage the organism to heal itself

Drugs should not be a replacement for the correct nutrition, because they hide the sideffects and don't affect the cause of the illness

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